vampire fashion queen


hey lovelies!! i'm kan/emma! i really like playing the cello and being an avid homestuck fan and i think you're radical!!  
For that 5 favourite songs thing, how about K for Kanaya?

!!!! yes!

know your onion! - the shins

……i tried…..


ok but am i famous enough to be guessed on akinator thats the question

H or or M? c:

marching bands of manhattan - death cab for cutie

monday morning - death cab for cutie

mine’s not a high horse - the shins

machine - regina spektor

MANiCURE - lady gaga

L B)

long division - death cab for cutie

lost kitten - metric

lies - marina & the diamonds

locomotive - alex winston

love you when i’m drunk - mika


I was…er…watching CHICAGO and I felt like drawing Rose

….with octopus tentacles

….yeah I need to stop watching CHICAGO

give me a letter and i’ll tell you my 5 favourite songs starting with that letter


Crooked Teeth | Death Cab For Cutie




look how cute my oldass homestuck art was…


Dear ‘Kuzloz and Cal snake is really lovely, but what if Damara and Callie snake?’ Anon: Hmmmmmmmmmmmm. I don’t think they’d really get along but snakes and dams are always good. 


ahaha now I’ll never get my art on official merchandise